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California senator removed from floor after criticizing late lawmaker Tom Hayden

February 23, 2017
(Sacramento Bee) The California Senate was thrown into chaos and anger on Thursday when a Republican member was forcibly removed from the floor for allegedly speaking out of turn during a session. Republican colleagues say Sen. Janet Nguyen, R-Garden Grove, was silenced by the Democratic majority...

JEAN FULLER: Working with Washington helps California

January 23, 2017
(San Francisco Chronicle) While there are differences of opinion between federal and state officials, we are united in our desire to achieve the best outcomes for our constituents. As such, I hope we can brush aside any lingering emotions from the 2016 campaign and focus on the future. Simply put,...

JEAN FULLER: Improve California’s healthcare status quo

January 13, 2017
( Bakersfield Californian ) California is an increasingly expensive place to live. Housing and taxes, in general, are higher here than any other state. Sadly, health care coverage is also on that list of high cost items. Many California families are experiencing more costly coverage as Covered...