The Fuller Connection: April 2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Massive Tax Hike on Drivers Not in Best Interests of the Golden State


Senator Fuller on the Seante Floor


Following the passage of Senate Bill 1, the largest gas tax hike in California’s history, I released the statement below voicing my disappointment in the passage of a transportation tax plan that will negatively impact the budgets of anyone who drives in California. Senate Bill 1 passed, 27-11.


“It is deeply disappointing that legislative Democrats chose to punish Californians with tax increases after neglecting our roads for years. This out of touch plan will particularly hurt Californians struggling to make ends meet and give us all less than we deserve,” said Senator Jean Fuller.


In order to address the need to fix our roads, I co-authored Assembly Bill 496 with Bakersfield Assemblyman Vince Fong. AB 496 is a superior plan that ensures existing transportation taxes are used for our roads and highways.


“It didn’t have to be this way. Assemblyman Fong’s transportation bill was a better solution to fix our roads and bridges without raising a penny of new taxes,” concluded Senator Fuller.


FACTS on Democrats’ $52 Billion Tax Plan:


·         Raises $52 billion in taxes over just 10 years and has no expiration date

·         Increases in the gas tax today are huge and will continue to grow

·         Fails to consider information from the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office outlining a pending “cap-and-trade” expansion which would raise gas prices by up to an estimated 63 cents per gallon by 2021 and to 73 cents per gallon by 2031 (link is external).


SB1 graphic


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Voice Your Opposition to the Gas Tax


Sacramento Democrats recently passed a $5.2 billion dollar per year gas and car tax increase. Despite diverting transportation taxes away from transportation projects for years, Democrats now claim they need this tax increase to fix our roads. Instead of considering common sense alternatives that would have used current money to fix our roads, once again, they are reaching deeper into our pockets, making California less affordable.

Our roads, highways and bridges are in bad shape, but a $5.2 billion dollar per year tax increase, that automatically increases every year starting in 2020, is not a solution. We already pay gas and vehicle taxes that are being diverted away from transportation projects. Why would this new tax be any different?

You have an opportunity to let the Governor know how harmful this tax increase will be on all Californians. You can voice your opposition to this ill-advised tax by writing letters to the editor, posting to social media, and sharing other posts and tweets.

I am looking forward to hearing from you on this important issue.


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‘Stars of Life’ Recipients Honored At Capitol Ceremony


Stars of Life recipients


It was my honor to recognize 13 emergency service professionals for their exemplary life-saving performance, dedication and compassionate care delivered to the residents of Kern County. The honorees are part of the California Ambulance Association’s “Stars of Life” event which recognized 48 paramedics, EMTs and emergency medical dispatchers from across the state. The Kern County recipients are employed by Hall Ambulance.


“It’s an honor for me to recognize these first responders from my district with a Senate Resolution for their heroic actions that they provide for our community. These are the true heroes of our community who don’t think twice about their own safety to assist others,” said Senator Fuller.


To view the page honoring these first responders and read their bios, please check out this link:


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Around the District


Spectrum Assist Program


Romeo Agbalog with Team Fuller presents a Senate Certificate of Recognition to Colleen Dillaway with Charter Communications.


Romeo Agbalog with Team Fuller presents a Senate Certificate of Recognition to Colleen Dillaway with Charter Communications. The certificate recognized Charter’s and Spectrum’s efforts to bring low cost, high speed broadband service to low income families and seniors in Bakersfield through the Spectrum Assist Program.


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Ag in the Classroom


Picture of Seantor Fuller presenting an award to Sahbib Sagha


Congratulations to Visalia’s Sahbib Sagha for winning the California Ag Foundation’s ’Ag in the Classroom‘ writing contest for 5th Grade. I was honored to present him with a Senate Certificate recognizing his well-earned accomplishment.


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Ribbon Cutting for Computer Lab at the Girl Scouts of Central California South


Girl Scouts Ribbon Cutting


Team Fuller attended the ribbon cutting for the new computer lab at the Girl Scouts of Central California South. The new computers will be used to teach the young girls coding and other technical skills. The computers and all other equipment were donated by ARRC Technology of Bakersfield.


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Aegis Treatment Center Open House


Clinic Spotlight Image


Aegis Treatment Center hosted an open house to discuss with community leaders and partners the opioid epidemic not only in Kern County, but throughout the United States. The treatment center treats over 900 patients daily at the Bakersfield clinics.


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Community Close-Up


Community Action Partnership of Kern


Community Action Partnership of Kern (CAPK) Logo


Community Action Partnership of Kern (CAPK) was established in 1965 as part of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Economic Opportunity Act, also known as the War on Poverty, which he signed into law in 1964. It is one of more than 1,000 Community Action Partnership Agencies (or CAPS) across the nation and, with more than 860 employees, it is considered a large CAP Agency.

CAPK’s service footprint extends beyond Kern to San Bernardino, Tulare, Kings, Fresno, Madera, Merced, Mariposa, Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties, where it has staff and facilities for such programs such as Head Start/Early Head Start, Women, Infants & Children (or WIC), 2-1-1 Information & Referral, and Migrant Childcare. Other programs that primarily serve Kern County are: Central Kitchen, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (or VITA), the CAPK Food Bank, Energy (including utility assistance and home weatherization for income-eligible clients), Friendship House Community Center, Shafter Youth Center, and East Kern Family Resource Center.

The Mission of Community Action Partnership of Kern is to provide and advocate for resources that will empower members of the communities we serve to be self-sufficient.

The work of CAPK touches the lives of one out of every nine Kern County residents annually by:


·         Distributing more than 13 million pounds of food for the food insecure through the CAPK Food Bank;

·         Delivering nutrition to 20,000 women, infants and children through CAPK’s WIC Program;

·         Providing utility assistance for 9,400 families through the Energy Program;

·         Offering after school and summer programs for close to 400 at-risk youth at Shafter Youth Center and Friendship House;

·         Delivering early childhood education, preschool and nutrition services to some 3,000 children through Head Start & Early Head Start;

·         Answering more than 101,000 calls for human and social service referrals through 2-1-1.


For more information about the great work CAPK is doing in our community please visit their website at


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Mobile Office Hours Schedule


Mobile Office hours are held to facilitate communication between my office and the communities we serve. The following is a list of Mobile Office locations for the month of March and April. Hope you can find the time to stop by!

May 3rd:
Taft Chamber of Commerce

May 3rd:
Visalia Chamber of Commerce

May 3rd:
California City Chamber of Commerce

May 3rd:
Mojave Air & Spaceport

May 8th:
Tulare Chamber of Commerce

May 9th:
Ridgecrest City Hall

May 10th:
Barstow Visitor’s Center at the Harvey House

May 11th:
Frazier Mountain Communities Family Resource Center

May 16th:
Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce

May 18th:
Kern River Valley County Admin. Building

To schedule an appointment with a member of the staff, please call the District Office at (661) 323-0443.

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