The Fuller Connection: March 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Arts Education Month

I am proud to have introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 24 proclaiming March as Arts Education Month. Arts Education is an important part of a child’s overall education from kindergarten through 12th grade. Highlighting the importance of arts education, the University of California and California State University require the visual and performing arts subject to be part of the minimum freshman admission requirements.

Arts graphic

Below is the text of Senate Concurrent Resolution declaring March 2017 as Arts Education Month:

WHEREAS, Arts education, which includes dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts, is an essential and integral part of basic education for all pupils in prekindergarten, kindergarten, and grades 1 to 12, inclusive; and

WHEREAS, The arts are crucial to achieving a state educational policy that is devoted to the teaching of basic academic skills and lifelong learning capacities with the goal of truly preparing all children for success after high school regardless of gender, age, economic status, physical ability, or learning ability; and

WHEREAS, A systematic, substantive, and sequential visual and performing arts curriculum addresses and develops ways of thinking, questioning, expression, and learning that complement learning in other core subjects, but that is unique in what it has to offer; and

WHEREAS, Pupils benefit from arts learning in the areas of cultural understanding, readiness for learning and creative thinking, cognitive outcomes, emotional intelligence and expression, social interaction and collaboration, and preparation for the workplace and lifelong learning; and

WHEREAS, Arts education in California is mandated for pupils in grades 1 to 12, inclusive, by Sections 51210 and 51220 of the Education Code, which provide, in part, “[t]he adopted course of study … shall include instruction … in … [v]isual and performing arts, including instruction in the subjects of dance, music, theatre, and visual arts, aimed at the development of aesthetic appreciation and the skills of creative expression”; and

WHEREAS, The arts are recognized as part of a quality education, and the University of California and the California State University have instituted a policy that includes visual and performing arts as a college preparatory subject for all high school pupils wishing to enter California’s institutions of higher education; and

WHEREAS, The State of California, through the local control funding formula, has provided flexibility for local educational agencies to target growing resources towards arts education; and

WHEREAS, It is the intent that this funding help implement a comprehensive vision for arts education at the local level, to ensure that every pupil in California benefits from this investment; and

WHEREAS, This funding is the first step in investing in quality visual and performing arts programs for all California pupils; and

WHEREAS, Many national and state professional arts education associations hold celebrations in the month of March, giving California schools a unique opportunity to focus on the value of the arts for all pupils, to foster cross-cultural understanding, to give recognition to the state’s outstanding young artists, and to enhance public support for this essential part of the curriculum; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, the Assembly thereof concurring, That the Legislature proclaims the month of March 2017 as Arts Education Month and encourages all elected officials to participate with their educational communities in celebrating the arts with meaningful activities and programs for pupils, teachers, and the public that demonstrate learning and understanding in the visual and performing arts, and urges all residents to become interested in and give full support to quality school arts programs for children and youth; and be it further

Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.

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Adjourning in the Memory of Trice Harvey

On February 2, I adjourned in the memory of my friend and former Assemblyman Trice Harvey.

Trice is now reunited with his wife of 56 years, Jacque, who passed in 2012. He is survived by his son, Nick, daughter, Dinah, and numerous grandchildren.

Trice touched many lives, mine being one of them, and he will certainly be missed.

The entire adjourn in memory is available at:

Senator Fuller speaking on the Floor

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California Newspaper Publishers Association

In February, I spoke to the California Newspaper Publishers Association. I talked about jobs, making California more affordable, and working with D.C.

I emphasized with the audience that we have an opportunity to work constructively with Washington to overcome challenges that face our state like investing in to our transportation and water infrastructure. This was also an opportunity highlight the priorities of the Senate Republican Caucus to fight for jobs and making California more affordable.

Senator Fuller speaking to the California Newspaper Publishers Association

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Team Fuller Around the District

Red Simpson Memorial

Memorial Plaque in honor of Red Simpson

Team Fuller attended the unveiling of a Memorial Plaque in honor of Bakersfield’s Red Simpson. A country music legend, Red Simpson helped develop the “Bakersfield Sound” with Buck Owens and Merle Haggard. Pam Rose presented the Simpson family with a Legislative Memorial Resolution along with Tanner Dyrness from Assemblyman Fong’s office.

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Whiskey Flat Days

Picture from Whiskey Flat Days

Team Fuller presented a Senate Resolution to the Grand Marshall of Whiskey Flats - the Kern River Valley Historical Society. This year marks the Historical Society’s 50th anniversary and the 60th anniversary of Whiskey Flat Days!
Congratulations to all for such a wonderful event!

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Community Close-Up

Garden Pathways graphic

Garden Pathways, a community-based nonprofit founded in 1997, mentors children, youth, and adults to build productive lives. Diverse mentoring and education programs lead families to educational advancement, employment, family stability, self-sufficiency, healthy living, and improved quality of life.

The programs of Garden Pathways provide a wide range of life-building services to the Kern County community. Garden Pathways Comprehensive Mentoring Services connects people seeking a fresh start with caring mentors who guide and encourage. Participants include families transitioning from welfare and child protective services programs, families and youth impacted by gang violence and abuse, ex-offenders, emancipating/emancipated foster youth, pregnant/parenting youth, and other at-risk individuals. Through the power of relationship, young people and adults find lasting freedom from poverty and at-risk conditions as they discover dignity and self-worth, take responsibility for their choices, and develop life skills. Garden Pathways Downtown Education Center provides quality childcare, education, and enrichment for infants and preschool children. Garden Pathways Arts Mentoring guides youth to artistic and personal growth.

Garden Pathways provides innovative opportunities for families and individuals of all ages to discover their unique purpose, activate their personal creativity, live in health and safety, and develop skills for success in life. Through collaborative efforts with community agencies, community service groups, and faith-based organizations, Garden Pathways offers mentoring, training, and education in the arts and the art of living.

For more information please visit:

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Mobile Office Hours Schedule

Mobile Office hours are held to facilitate communication between my office and the communities we serve. The following is a list of Mobile Office locations for the month of March and April. Hope you can find the time to stop by!


March 14th:
Ridgecrest City Hall

March 16th:
Kern River Valley County Admin. Building

March 21st:
Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce


April 5th:
Taft Chamber of Commerce

April 5th:
Visalia Chamber of Commerce

April 6th:
Mojave Air & Spaceport

April 6th:
California City Chamber of Commerce

April 10th:
Tulare Chamber of Commerce

April 11th:
Ridgecrest City Hall

April 12th:
Barstow Visitor’s Center at the Harvey House

April 13th:
Frazier Mountain Communities Family Resource Center

March 18th:
Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce

April 20th:
Kern River Valley County Admin. Building

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