Fuller Connection: May 2018

Friday, May 4, 2018

Press Release: Fuller Requests Changes to Speed Teacher Misconduct Reviews

(Sacramento - April 18) Senator Jean Fuller presented Senate Bill 1383 to the Senate Education Committee. SB 1383 would ensure the increasing workload at the all-volunteer Commission on Teacher Credentialing’s Committee of Credentials would be addressed by adding two members, using a substitute list for absent Committee members, and allowing former Committee members to act as temporary substitutes.

“The Committee of Credentials has a very important job of protecting the integrity of California’s teachers, while safeguarding California’s students from any misconduct by their teachers,” said Senator Fuller.

Senator Fuller speaking on the Senate FloorThe Committee is responsible for initiating all investigations into allegations of misconduct by credential holders and applicants, reviewing evidence, and recommending disciplinary actions to the Commission.

In fiscal year 2010-11, 650 total cases went to initial review before the Committee and 533 resulted in formal review. In 2016-17, those numbers increased to 1,086 and 782 respectively.

This workload has become increasingly difficult to manage in the time allotted to Committee members, and any absences or vacancies only increase the workload, since the same number of cases must be divided among fewer members. The Committee meets for three days each month, and adding meetings to address workload is not feasible.

Currently, the Committee consists of three public representatives, an elementary school teacher, a secondary school teacher, a school board member, and a certified school administrator. SB 1383 would add one full-time certified teacher and an additional public representative.

“Any investigation and decision about alleged misconduct by a teacher should be done in a thorough, thoughtful and timely manner. Senate Bill 1383 is an important step to address the growing workload facing the Committee,” concluded Fuller.

SB 1383 passed the Education Committee on a 6-0 vote.

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Press Release: Fuller Presents Measure to Keep Marijuana Away from Children

(Sacramento - April 17) In response to spikes in marijuana use and edible cannabis consumption in the State of Colorado, especially among the state’s youth, Senator Jean Fuller presented Senate Bill 1451 to the Senate Business, Professions, and Economic Development Committee to ensure those spikes do not occur in California.

SB 1451 would impose a penalty on any licensed cannabis retailer who sells or furnishes cannabis or cannabis products to an underage person.

Under current law, the California Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of Cannabis Control can suspend or revoke a license in response to any violation, but no minimum standard exists for selling to underage individuals. In order to reduce any incentive to sell recreational cannabis to underage users, SB 1451 would set a penalty standard for 1st, 2nd and 3rd violations, as follows:

  • 1st violation - 15-day suspension
  • 2nd violation within 36 months - 25-day suspension
  • 3rd violation within 36 months - Revocation of license

Senator Fuller speaking on the Senate Floor

“We must ensure that children are not the targets of marijuana marketing or sales,” said Senator Fuller. “Senate Bill 1451 will ensure that any retailer selling cannabis to minors will be held accountable for their actions,” said Fuller.

SB 1451 is supported by law enforcement including the California Peace Officers’ Association (CPOA). In a letter of support the CPOA states, “The bill provides a clear approach to impose penalties to anyone with an adult recreational cannabis license who sells cannabis or any cannabis products to a person under the age of 21.”

SB 1451 passed the Senate Business, Professions, and Economic Development Committee on a unanimous vote.

“I have been following the heartbreaking stories from Colorado about the rise in marijuana use and edible cannabis abuse by Colorado’s youth. This should serve as a very serious warning for California, and we must ensure that these products stay out of our children’s hands,” concluded Fuller.

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Around the District

US Borax Rio Tinto

Late last month, the US Borax Rio Tinto had their State of the Business luncheon and mine tour. Below are pictures from the tour which includes a picture of the historic Twenty Mule Team. Thank you to Rio Tinto for providing Team Fuller and many others an up close look at the operation in Boron and providing an interesting history of Borox mining in the region. They are a wonderful company and an asset to the District.

Pictures of the historic Twenty Mule Team

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Tehachapi’s 2018 Good Deed Awards

The American Legion Auxiliary, Tehachapi Unit 221, awarded Tehachapi’s 2018 Good Deed Awards. These annual awards are presented to young people who exhibit heroism and helpfulness. Each awardee received a medal and an American Legion certificate.

Team Fuller recognized each awardee with a Senate Certificate congratulating the honorees and thanking the American Legion for sponsoring such a positive event that recognizes tomorrow’s leaders.

The American Legion Auxiliary, Tehachapi Unit 221

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2018 Hands on Heroes Award Dinner

Congratulations to all of the awardees from the 2018 Hands on Heroes Award Dinner. The event was hosted by First 5 of Tulare County in Visalia. Team Fuller presented each winner with a Senate Certificate in appreciation for these everyday heroes who make a difference in the lives of local children.

 2018 Hands on Heroes Award Dinner logo

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Bakersfield High School’s Business Plan Team

Congratulations to Bakersfield High School’s Business Plan Team for their second win in two years at the Virtual Enterprise International Competition in New York City. The team is called “Anomalous,” and their virtual business company is focused on fighting food waste, one juice at a time, by using “imperfect” produce to craft quality juices.

Great job!

Picture of the Bakersfield High School’s Business Plan Team

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Community Close-Up

Community Action Partnership of Kern (CAPK)

Established in 1965, Community Action Partnership of Kern (CAPK) administers close to a dozen programs aimed at meeting children, families and individuals at their point of need, for those who have had difficulty engaging the “American Dream.”

The work of CAPK touches the lives of more than 75,000 of your neighbors, co-workers, family and friends annually, by:

  • Distributing 12.25 million pounds of food for the food insecure;
  • Delivering nutrition to 20,000 women, infants and children;
  • Serving more than 900,000 meals to Head Start and Summer Meals Program children;
  • Providing utility assistance for 9,400 families;
  • Offering after school and summer programs for 389 at-risk youth;
  • Delivering early childhood education and preschool to some 3,000 children;
  • Answering over 101,000 calls for human and social services referrals.

Please visit http://www.capk.org/ for more information.

Information provided by Community Action Partnership of Kern

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Mobile Office Hours Schedule for May

Mobile Office hours are held to facilitate communication between my office and the communities we serve. The following is a list of Mobile Office locations for the month of May. Hope you can find the time to stop by!

May 2nd:
Taft Chamber of Commerce

May 2nd:
Mojave Air & Spaceport

May 2nd:
California City Chamber of Commerce

May 8th:
Ridgecrest City Hall

May 9th:
Barstow Visitor’s Center at the Harvey House

May 10th:
Frazier Mountain Communities Family Resource Center

May 14th:
Tulare Chamber of Commerce

May 15th:
Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce

May 17th:
Kern River Valley County Admin. Building

Monthly mobile office locations will also be posted on the Senate web site. Please take the opportunity to stop by and visit. To schedule an appointment with a member of the staff, please call the District Office at (661) 323-0443.

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