In addition to the Senate Bills below, which Senator Fuller is the principal author, she is the co-author of a number of additional bills that are not listed.

2017 Bills

SB 552 – Career Technical Education: Aptitude Tests:  This bill would require the State Department of Education to, on or before January 1, 2019, develop a new or revise an existing, or contract with an appropriate vendor to develop a new or revise an existing, career technical education test that measures areas of interest for pupils, as specified. The bill would require the department to post the test on its Internet Web site for the public to access. The bill would specify that a pupil shall not be required to take the test, either as a stand-alone requirement or as a requirement to enroll in any career technical education course.

SB 661 – New Employment Tax Credit:  This bill enacts minor changes to the NEC that will help achieve the primary goal of incentivizing employers to hire new employees in targeted designated geographic areas.

SB 672 – Traffic Actuated Signals:  Specifically, SB 672 removes a sunset clause from legislation I authored in 2007.  That law requires the use of traffic actuated signals that detect bicycles and motorcycles when loop detectors are replaced or new traffic-actuated signals are installed.  I was requested to place a 10-year sunset clause in that law to insure it was cost effective. Signed into Law by Governor Brown

SB 734 – Elections: On-Line Voter Registration IP:  This bill simply requires the Secretary of State to capture and maintain the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer used to submit electronic affidavits.

2016 Bills

SB 526 – FTB Tax Liabilities:  Authorizing California tax agencies to abide by divorce agreements regardless of these onerous requirements would reduce the amount of additional litigation—as well as appeals—because under the current provisions the innocent spouse’s only recourse is to take his/her former spouse back to court.

2015 Bills

Senate Bill 110 – School Threats: SB 110 would make it a misdemeanor to threaten a school by any means including but not limited to an electronic means.  This includes social media.  SB 110 is sponsored by Bakersfield Police Department.

Senate Bill 111 – Securing Federal Funding for Schools that Serve Military Families: SB 111 would provide a 20% matching of funds for 11 California schools near or on a military base that has been classified among some of the highest need schools in the country by the Department of Defense.  In total, SB 111 will allocate $61 million.  The federal government will provide the remaining 80% of funds.
Signed into law by Governor Brown.

Senate Bill 115 – Valley Fever Vaccine Research: SB 115 would appropriate $1 million to the Department of Public Health for continued research of a Valley Fever Vaccine.

Senate Bill 121 - Securing Federal Funding for Schools Near Military Bases: SB 121 would allow the State Allocation Board to give priority access to available, returned, or unused school facilities funds to any public school on or near a military base listed on the Department of Defense’s Public Schools on Military Installations Grant list. Similar to SB 111, SB 121 would provide up to 20% of each schools estimated funding need ($61 million) to leverage roughly $240 million in federal funds for renovation, repair, and new construction of severely distressed schools.

Senate Bill 138 – P.E. Credit for Rodeo Athletes: SB 138 would clarify that local school districts have the option, similar to other sports, to exempt high school rodeo athletes from physical education requirements in their sophomore, junior and senior years of school.

Senate Bill 516 – Motorist Safety: SB 516 would broaden the list of eligible expenditures for Service Authorities for Freeway Emergencies (SAFE), allowing for each county to fund a variety of motorist aid infrastructure and services including, but not limited to, emergency call boxes, highway message boards or additional law enforcement services. Signed into law by Governor Brown.

Senate Bill 774 – School District Reserves: SB 774 would repeal Education Code Section 42127.01, which requires school districts to spend their reserves (assigned and unassigned account balances) down to no more than two to three times the minimum recommended reserve for economic uncertainties in any fiscal year.

2014 Bills

SB 1044 – Valley Fever Vaccine Research Funding: Existing law established the Valley Fever Vaccine Project, administered by the State Department of Public Health and provides for state support and funding of efforts by the project to conduct valley fever vaccine research.  SB 1044 would appropriate $1million from the General Fund to the department for the 2014-2015 fiscal year, for purposes of extending the project.

SB 1072 – Aviation Liability: Existing law provides that an owner of an estate or interest in real property owes no duty of care to keep the premises safe for entry or use by others for any recreational purpose or to give any warning of hazardous conditions, uses of, structures, or activities on those premises to persons entering for a recreational purpose, with certain exceptions.  Existing law defines “recreational purpose” for purposes of this law to mean certain activities, including among others, hang gliding.  SB 1072 would clarify the definition of “recreational purpose” in the Recreational Use Stature to include “other aviation activities.” Signed into law by Governor Brown.

SB 1090 – Time of Use: SB 1090 will protect electricity rate customers from the unintended consequences of Time of Use billing in the hotter areas of the state, such as Bakersfield.

This bill will only allow default Time of Use pricing for residential customers only if the CPUC finds that:

  • Default TOU will not increase hardship for customers in California due to unreasonable increases in summertime bills.
  • Any expected shifts in the rate burden are thoroughly analyzed, are known and deemed reasonable.
  • The integration of solar energy into the grid will not be negatively impacted.

Signed into law by Governor Brown.

SB 1229 – School Administrator Week: SB 1229 simply moves the date of “Week of School Administrators” from the first week in March to the second full week of October. Signed into law by Governor Brown.

SB 1364 – High Cost Fund A and B Program Extension: SB 1364 would extend the California High-Cost Fund A and B programs for four years. These two state universal service programs are designed to complement the federal high-cost support program and ensure that affordable telephone service remains available in rural, high-cost areas of the state, thereby increasing the value of the telecommunications network for all subscribers.

  • Extend the sunset dates for the California High Cost Fund A and B programs to January 1, 2019.
  • Preserve affordable telecommunications services and enhance access to vibrant broadband-capable networks for California’s rural communities.

Signed into law by Governor Brown

SB 1421 – Public Schools on Military Bases Grant Funding: Existing law establishes a system of public elementary and secondary schools in this state, and provides for the funding of the construction of new school facilities and the modernization of existing facilities.  Existing federal law provides for construction funding assistance for school sites that are located on Unites States Military bases and that meet specified criteria. SB 1421 would prioritize school construction applications under this chapter for projects on military installations that are eligible for United States Department of Defense Office of Economic Assessment school construction grants.

2013 Bills

SB 143 - Small School District Funding: This bill will rectify a funding shortage for the Baker Valley Unified School District. After more than a decade, the California Department of Education changed their interpretation of the rules on necessary small district funding that this isolated district receives. This measure corrects the problem for Baker Valley and 2 other districts in the State and keeps them solvent.

SB 159 - Cemetery District: This bill will allow the Kern River Valley Cemetery District to inter up to 40 nonresidents per year. Under California’s 1909 public cemetery law, only residents of public cemetery districts are allowed to be interred in these cemeteries. The problem is that in rural areas, small populations do not provide enough business for these cemeteries to continue to be maintained. Interment opportunities are further diluted when newer veterans’ cemeteries are opened in close proximity to the districts, as has recently happened in the Kern River Valley. Signed into law by Governor Brown.

SB 175 - Game Refuges: By correcting a conflict between the Fish and Game laws and the State Penal Code laws, this bill will prevent private citizens, and peace officers and retired peace officers from unknowingly breaking the law when they venture into a State Game Refuge while carrying a concealed weapon.

SB 246 - Desert View Water District: This bill helps clarify and reorganize the law that established the Bighorn-Desert View water district within San Bernardino County. This reorganization should provide more transparency and accountability to ratepayers in that district. Signed into law by Governor Brown.

SB 489 - PUC Receivership: This bill will allow the California Public Utilities Commission to more easily rescue a bankrupt or defunct water or sewer company and ensure that the customers of that district company continue to be served.

SB 561 - Student Discipline and Mental Health: Lost in the debate over gun control is that we are not appropriately identifying and treating mental illness. As a former school administrator, I saw many students who were expelled for violence go unscreened for mental illness. In many cases, I suspected that further acts of violence could have been prevented had these students been identified and then properly treated. This legislation will require that students expelled for acts of violence undergo mental health screening with the hope of identifying and treating them before they do more harm to others.

SB 668 - Fort Independence Paiute Indian Compact:  This bill would ratify a gaming compact between the Governor and the Fort Independence Paiute Indian tribe in Inyo County. The compact would allow for up to 800 slot machines and provides a revenue sharing agreement that provides 10% to the Revenue Sharing Trust Fund.  The land on which this gaming will occur has been in trust for this tribe since 1915.  This compact will provide important economic activity and a number of new jobs to an area of California that is in desperate need of it. Signed into law by Governor Brown.

SB 763 – Underground storage tank fund cleanup: This bill would make changes to existing law to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the Replacing, Removing, or Upgrading Underground Storage Tanks Fund (RUST) program. By stabilizing this program, we ensure that money for underground storage tank cleanup exists that helps small businesses and protects the public health and environment by preventing underground storage tank leaks. Signed into law by Governor Brown.

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2012 Bills

SB 1081 - District Hospital Participation in the Low-Income Health Program: This bill will provide that a non-designated public hospital may be eligible to operate an approved LIHP if it is located in a county that does not have a county hospital and does not intend to operate a LIHP. The bill will bring important federal funds to help pay for the cost of low income health programs. Signed into Law by Governor Brown

SB 1207 - CARE Program:  This bill will allow the state’s 3 investor-owned utilities who administer a CARE low income program to request verification of income and require energy audits when utility usage exceeds 400% of usage.  It would allow utilities to remove a CARE customer from the program if usage exceeds 600% and is not reduced.  As the CARE program is subsidized by regular ratepayers, to the extent that fraud in the program is eliminated, overall energy rates could be reduced. Signed into Law by Governor Brown

SB 1269 - Adopt-A-Highway Tax Credit: This bill will provide a 50% tax credit for the value of materials, equipment, or, in the case of individuals, services donated, by taxpayers for maintenance or roadside enhancement of state highways.

SB 1296 - Require Legislative Analyst to do the Title and Summary of Ballot Initiatives: This bill will require the Legislative Analyst, rather than the Attorney General, to prepare the ballot title and summary for all measures submitted to the voters of the state and would require the Legislative Analyst, instead of the Department of Finance and the Joint Legislative Budget Committee, to prepare any fiscal estimate or opinion required by a proposed initiative measure.

SB 1367 - Archery Hunting/Firearms Bill: This bill will revise the archery provisions of the Fish and Game code to authorize a peace officer or a person with a valid license to carry a concealed firearm, to carry a firearm while engaged in the taking of deer with a bow and arrow, but would continue to prohibit taking or attempting to take deer with that firearm. Signed into Law by Governor Brown

SB 1453 - Teleconferencing Centers: This bill will require the state’s Chief Information Officer to establish eight teleconferencing centers in strategic geographic areas of the state to allow for state boards and commissions to broadcast hearings and receive testimony via teleconference. The CIO could contract with local or federal government or private entities to establish the centers. The bill would provide more government transparency and allow citizens in remote areas of the state to participate in the hundreds of regulatory hearings held by various boards and commissions.

SB 1482 - Juvenile Custody/Relatives and Non-Relatives: A quirk in juvenile law allows for a relative to assume legal guardianship of a child only if the child is currently residing with that relative. The law does not allow a child to be placed with a relative if that child is not currently living with that relative, but would allow the child to be placed with a non-relative who the child is not living with. This bill will allow the child to be placed with a relative, regardless of current residency.

SB 1569 - Reducing the 10 Waiting Period on Firearms to 3 Days: This bill will reduce the existing 10-day waiting period for taking possession of a purchased firearm to 3 days.

SCA 19 - Title and Summary Responsibilities to the LAO: This is the Constitutional Amendment that is required to allow the Legislative Analyst to provide the title and summary for a proposed initiative or referendum.

SCR 50 - Deputy Daniel Lee Archuleta Memorial Interchange: Renames an intersection along Highway 99 after Officer Daniel Archuleta.  Officer Archuleta was a Kern County Sheriff’s Deputy killed in the line of duty in 2004. Passed

SCR 80 -  Lance Corporal Joseph C. Lopez Memorial Interchange:  This measure would designate the Rosamond Boulevard Interchange of State Highway Route 14 in the City of Rosamond as the Lance Corporal Joseph C. Lopez Memorial Interchange. Passed

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2011 Bills

SB 287 - Sales Contracts: This bill would require that injury and loss of money or property would have to be shown before the awarding of any attorney’s fees to a prevailing party in a civil action. Many local automobile dealers have been or are being threatened with frivolous lawsuits that could require complete buyback of the vehicle for minor where no monetary harm to customers has resulted.

SB 376 - Real Estate Brokers: Historically, mobile home park owners have issued small loans to mobile home residents when banks and other traditional lenders were unwilling to do so. Recent changes to federal and state law have restricted owners’ ability to make these small loans, keeping potential new residents from being able to afford or move into mobile home housing. This bill would expand the definition of real estate brokers to allow mobile home park owners to continue issuing these loans.

SB 379 - Telecommunications Policies: California has a long history of supporting the goals of “universal service” - affordable and widely available telecommunications services for all Californians. Universal service cost support helps ensure the connectivity of urban with rural areas of the state, as well as rural customers’ access to the telecommunications network at affordable prices. This bill will affirm the state’s commitment to supporting rural Californians’ access to advanced telecommunications and information services that are reasonably equivalent to those services provided in urban areas. Signed into Law by Governor Brown

SB 401 - Regulations: repeal provisions: This bill would require that every regulation proposed by an agency after January 1, 2012, include a provision repealing the regulation in 5 years. The bill would prohibit the agency from approving a proposed regulation unless it contains the repeal provisions. In the year prior to a regulation's scheduled repeal, the regulation could only be reauthorized after a public hearing process where the effectiveness of the regulation’s original intended purpose and/or the continuing need for the regulation.

SB 495 - Unclaimed Property: This bill would lengthen the period before the contents of a safe deposit box would escheat to the state from three to five years. The bill would also require an interest payment to individuals that have had property held in the State’s Unclaimed Property account, and require that property with no apparent commercial value be held by the State for a period of at least 7 years. Signed into Law by Governor Brown

SB 553 - Regulations: Effective date: Under existing law, a regulation or an order of repeal of a regulation generally becomes effective on the 30th day after it is filed with the Secretary of State. This bill would require that a regulation or an order of repeal of a regulation become effective, instead, 180 days after the date it is filed with the Secretary of State. As more and more laws are enacted through the regulatory process by the unelected bureaucratic state agencies, the legislature needs a realistic time frame to study the potential impacts of the proposal and repeal the regulation or enact changes, if necessary.

SB 619 - Flight instructor and flight school exemptions to the California Private Postsecondary Act of 2009: This bill provides an exemption from the regulatory jurisdiction of the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) to flight instructors and flight schools who do not accept payment for service in advance. Signed into Law by Governor Brown

SB 769 - Mountain Lion displays:  This bill provides an exemption from the 1990 Mountain Lion Initiative, Proposition 117, with regard to the display of mountain lions carcasses which have otherwise been legally taken.  Proposition 117, approved by the voters in 1990, banned mountain lion hunting and the possession of a mountain lions in the State of California.  While there are several specific exemptions in the bill including the taking of mountain lions under a depredation permit, the Department of Fish and Game has recently determined that there is not a specific exemption that allows for the possession or display of a mountain lion that has been legally taken after it has been killed. Signed into Law by Governor Brown

SB 821 - School district reorganization: This bill would require actions taken by an outgoing school governing board to be noticed to the county superintendent of schools, and would authorize the county superintendent to stay or rescind an action taken by an outgoing governing board that would have a material fiscal impact on a reorganized school district, if that action is not necessary for the immediate functioning of the school district. Signed into Law by Governor Brown

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