Senator Fuller Fights for Farmers and Farm Workers

Monday, August 22, 2016

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SACRAMENTO – Senator Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield) stood up for local farm workers and farmers today by opposing Assembly Bill 1066 (D-Gonzalez), a measure that would impose strict overtime requirements on the state’s agricultural sector.

California has a long-standing exemption from inflexible overtime requirements for the agriculture industry due to its unique nature, including seasonality and weather. AB 1066 eliminates this exemption and would now require overtime after 8 hours of work in a day or 40 hours in a week. It is projected that this new mandate would have devastating effects if enacted.

An almost identical bill was defeated in the California Assembly earlier this year with bipartisan opposition, but the mandate has been revived with only a few days left in the regular legislative session. The legislature is scheduled to adjourn on August 31st.

“The agriculture industry in Kern County would be badly affected by this bill,” said Senator Fuller. “Unfortunately, this bill could lead to layoffs for some of our hardworking farm workers, and it certainly will make us less competitive with other states. Instead of out of touch mandates like this, our state should be focusing on creating jobs and strengthening our economy.”

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