Senator Fuller's Memorial Day Message

Friday, May 26, 2017

Senator Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield) released the following Memorial Day message:

"Memorial Day is an opportunity to reflect upon those lives that were lost to protect our freedom, preserve our liberty and promote peace throughout the world.

"It is a day to show gratitude for the huge debt we owe to these fallen heroes and their families.

"Since the creation of our great nation, our Armed Forces have been the leading force in the pursuit of ensuring our God-given rights remain protected, promoted and a priority.

"My district represents military families from all of the branches of our military. I have seen the pride in which they send their loved ones off to serve our country, I have felt their sorrow at Memorial events around the state, and I have witnessed the outpouring of love that a grateful public has expressed for their service and sacrifice.

"Collectively, we have an opportunity this Memorial Day to remember those members of our military that made the ultimate sacrifice. As part of this remembrance, please join me in praying for their surviving family members and let us show our appreciation for our current servicemen and servicewomen who stand upon the foundation built by our fallen heroes."