Valley Fever Institute Unveiling -- August 10, 2018

August 10, 2018

California State Budget includes $3 million for the Valley Fever Institute at Kern Medical.
With this investment, the Valley Fever Institute at Kern Medical will be able to:

  • Expand and renovate the current clinical space to treat the inflow of patients from all over California that seek to receive care at the Institute.
  • Increase awareness and educate the state wide public about Valley Fever.
  • Increase awareness and educate physicians and providers about how to properly diagnose and treat Valley Fever.
  • Expand research efforts, including clinical, diagnostic and epidemiological studies.
  • Build a repository for storing white blood cells, serum and tissue specimens from individuals with Valley Fever of all levels of severity, allowing new ideas to be tested in a rapid fashion. This will allow researchers throughout the state of California to access the laboratory.